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Bowmore 15 Years Old Mariner

Bowmore 15 Years Old Mariner is also a whisky in Bowmore’s duty-free range. The whiskey is bottled at nice 43 % ABV and has been matured for 15 years inside their No.1 Vaults. Aged in both American bourbon and Spanish sherry casks, it should be a very enjoyable and exciting whisky.

Peat smoke with a fruitiness of possibly raisins and possibly some citrus notes, mixed with oak. Even a hint of saltiness and tar, which makes one feel the sea feeling.

Fruity and sweet with a moderate smokiness, along with light hints of saltiness and sherry whisky feels really comfortable in the mouth.

Long, smoky with hints of sea salt, along with some spiciness.

Bowmore 15 Years Old Mariner is a nice whisky that could have been in every store, instead of Duty-Free shops. No direct smells or tastes that makes it stand out, but together they seem in a pleasant way that raises whisky experience.

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