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Bowmore Surf

Bowmore Surf is a whisky with No Age Statement, but is said to be about 8 years. Bowmore Surf are only available at the duty-free market. The whisky is bottled at 40 % ABV and takes it’s inspiration from the sea that constantly sweeps across Islay’s coast and is a tribute to the sea that forms the whisky. Is it a successful celebration or not remains to be seen.

The first thing you feel when your nose over the glass is the typical smell of the sea and peat smoke, for it is, after all, a whisky from Islay we are talking about. They also feel a certain fruitiness in the form of lime.

The palate is filled directly by a smoky flavor, although not as distinctive as the scent, but still evident along with some salt and hints of honey, lime and oak.

It’s a long smoky aftertaste, with some notes and sea salt, with it soon turns into a slight dryness.

We believe that Bowmore Surf is one absolutely fine whisky. It seems that there is a relatively young whisky in the glass, and we think not quite as to reach its full potential. For that matter, we do not want in any way to say that it is a bad purchase, on the contrary, we think it is a great purchase if you still are on the move, it is after all a whisky for the duty free market.


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