Glenfiddich Rich Oak

glenfiddichrichoak14yoGlenfiddich Rich Oak is matured for 14 years in traditional Glenfiddich casks, and then it’s finished for up to 12 weeks in brand new American and new Spanish oak casks. It’s bottled at 40% ABV.

It’s typical Glenfiddich scents that hits me. Oranges and citrus, together with some spicy oak notes with vanilla and a smooth fruitiness.

A bit sweet vanilla, along with the citrus and oranges, honey, nutty with some hints of oak.

The finish is dry with spiced oak, honey, vanilla and some toffee.

Glenfiddich Rich Oak is a very nice and rich whisky with some great oak notes, some lovely honey and vanilla hints, together with a good sweetness. It’s perfect balanced and I really enjoyed tasting it a late evening with great company. The Genfiddich Rich Oak gets 88 points.

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