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Kilchoman 2007 Vintage

This 2007 Vintage from Kilchoman is a vatting of six year old fresh bourbon barrels and the oldest single malt this young distillery have released to date. The Kilchoman 2007 Vintage is bottled at 46% ABV.

Really peaty with a lot of smoky vanilla and some sweet citrus and toffee.

Peaty with some sweet citrus fruits.

Long with a peaty(!) and sweet mouth feeling that goes on for hours.

I love peated whiskies and this is no exception. With a great peaty character that’s very balanced make this whisky really nice. It’s raw but gentle at the same time and if you don’t like the rawness, you can make it smoother by adding some water.

*Sample provided by Clydesdale AB

One thought on “Kilchoman 2007 Vintage”

  1. freddeboos says:

    Kilchoman delivers again! Very smoky and wonderful Islay-whisky with a nice touch of citrus…


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