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Mackmyra Special: 02 Anniversary

This old bottling of Mackmyra Special: 02 was released in Sweden in May 2009. Bottled at 50.6% ABV Special: 02 celebrates Mackmyra 10th anniversary. The Special: 02 is a quite young whisky, approximately 6 years old.

At first glance, I seem to be able to distinguish various different spices, with hints of vanilla with a sweet and slightly smoky aroma.

A little medicinal taste, but definitely more smokiness in the flavour. Also senses a little sweetness in the form of pear and vanilla, along with the oak casks spiciness.

The finish is medium, and quite fruity, but without the smokiness.

Despite being a young whisky we taste, I think anyway, it can be easy to mistake it for a slightly older on the scent. Even though it is 50,6% ABV it works well without water, if not maybe a little better. By adding water and allow it to stand for a moment it change the character completely. After 40 minutes in the glass, both scents and flavours explodes and becomes a pure experience for the senses.


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