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Millstone Peated 5 Years Old

Millstone Peated is a 5-year old whisky bottled at 40% ABV by the Dutch distillery Zuidam. It’s aged for 5 years in small American white oak barrels and bourbon and sherry casks.

I find a rich fruitiness, no questions asked. Most powerful I find tones of pear and citrus and maybe some bananas. The peat is really gentle and I have to concentrate quite hard to find it.

It’s fruity and I can notice some vanilla and oak tones behind the fruitiness that comes in mostly citrus tones. The taste is gentle and smooth and I can taste a bit more peat and smoke than I felt on the nose.

The finish isn’t very long but it’s spicy and also here we can find the fruity citrus and toffee tones along with some peaty tones.

It’s a very young and delicious whisky that reminds me a bit of Highland Park, but with less sherry taste. I’m not sure if I would like to add a little more peaty taste to it, but anyway it’s a really nice whisky and can’t wait to try the other expressions.

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