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Amrut Spectrum

Amrut Spectrum

Amrut Spectrum is probably the most popular whisky in the market now, although there is only a limited edition of 1,000 bottles. Hailed by most if not all. The name comes from the unique range of wood as maturedĀ in. First, it has been maturedĀ for 3

Amrut Peated raw Cask Blackadder

Amrut Raw Cask Peated (Blackadder)

It’s time for a wee visit to India again. Recently we tried a sherry matured Amrut from Blackadder and this time we tasted a peated Amrut. This peated Amrut is bottled by Blackadder for their Raw Cask range without any age statement, chill-filtration and added

Amrut Sherry Cask by Blackadder

Amrut Raw Cask Sherry Cask, 62,3% (Blackadder)

It’s time to taste something from outside Europe and we have come to a distillery from India, Amrut. This Amrut it bottled by the independent bottler Blackadder for their Raw Cask range. It’s a no age statement, that’s completely natural, straight from a single cask.